Human Exploration is unified by Tech and Education from the Metaverse to Universe

The other Industries and technologies are being pulled by Space verticals. In these verticals advanced manufacturing, robotics, autonomy, and AI are included. Space demands from those industries as it moves forward and they respond. The wars in ancient times can be avoided if there was technology Telephones would have been in the working phase.

In order to communicate instantly with people all over the world over the last century people have dedicated their lives to improving the quality and speed of communication. Conflicts and dissemination of critical information across the globe have been avoided due to instant communication.

The space factor communication is slow. There is a 12-minute delay to asteroid belts, a 5-minute delay to Mars, and 1.25 seconds delay to the moon respectively. The difference between life and death can be imagined by a 1.25-second delay on your steering wheel. The same scenario is with space. 

One example of this is Apollo 13. Not only they were experiencing an active crisis while dealing with this communication delay but they also have a communication blackout on the far side of the moon. 

Here, Apollo 13 has completed the mission and returned safely to Earth respectively. You might be thinking that it was the 1970s but the speed with which we communicate is changed but the speed at which we communicate with space has not been so changed. Communication delays make it challenging to complete certain tasks in space and put-in space workers at risk. 

Here, the speed of light cant be changed but we can change how we can educate and train people. About $ 365 billion to $ 425 billion in the space industry today. According to an extensive report by Citigroup by 2040, it is to become a $2 trillion industry. But, here lots of changes are needed to be needed to acquire in the industry before this achievement. From a government dominate to a commercial dominate space economy a dramatic shift has been seen. 

“The Space Report 2021 Q2 “ as a space foundation represented 80% of the space economy in 2020 commercial space. It is also becoming horizontal as the space vertical continues to grow and evolve. Hence, it will impact many other industries.

Other industries and technologies are being pulled by space verticals. This is because as space moves forward it demands things from these industries and they respond. AI, autonomy, advanced manufacturing, and robotics is being pulled by space.

With advanced manufacturing capabilities to Mars, relativity space is active in sending robots. Martian Regolith to 3D print has been found feasible to use. They also use robots to bolt metal and plastic pieces. We can create the entire city before the first astronaut lands on Mars. This increases efficiency and value without compromising the health and safety of space workers.

For Matt Damon, we have seen how alternatives it has worked out respectively. When we think of space workers we think of engineers, astronauts, physicists, and technologists. But we should think beyond that now respectively.

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