The Habytat Mobile Metaverse for the Masses is launched by Datchat

The initial version of Datchat Habytat’s open mobile metaverse is launched through its Smartverse by Habytat. This also includes Habytat’s subsidiary. The houses in Geniuz city and free NFT-deeded properties are offered by Habytat version 1.0. After Miami’s arts district, the first residential area of Habytat is modeled. For a long being, users can customize their properties, enjoy the experience that the habitat has to offer, visit art galleries, explore the town, interact with others, and take selfies from famous landmarks. Habytat’s mission is to democratize access through a variety of key offerings recognizing the high barriers to entry with existing metaverse.

The previously limited participation is being broken down by Habytat. This is being offered by mobile devices and free ownership of land and homes. Some of these obstacles are the necessity for expensive gear such as VR headsets and metaverse properties. The user experience in an engaging way enhanced and look for daily rewards, games, new utilities, and content. Darin Myman CEO of Datchat stated, “ At instantly most of the people what metaverse does, what it is, how it gets involved or how it looks like, which has average consumer with mass adoption impeded. In order to leverage our patents unique and timely opportunity is being seen by us. We develop new technology that develops more people who see the value in the metaverse and leads to more people joining the platform. Free NFT-deeded properties have been offered by Habytat for all users.”

This property will offer a key to new social media, new utilities, access through both device mode and actual reality, and unlocking interesting content. The change that how we control our information, store, and exchange is being done by the next generation of social media. The current data of ownership model in favor of the consumer will change by the ability to delete or preserve your data. A user can walk around the town, visit art galleries, take selfies with famous landmarks, enjoy the culture of Geniuze city, interact with others, and customize their properties. In June of 2023 version  2.0 of Habytat is going to be launched. This version will include AI pets with interactive dog parks, a music district, and a full virtual reality experience.

Gianfranco Lopane, President of Smartverse, Inc, stated that “ A highly talented team we are having. This team includes graphic artists, backend developers, and over fifty game developers. In order to create habytat 1.0 this team has worked tirelessly. It’s just the begging for our team. The future is yet to come.” “Nirad” is the official fiat currency of Habytat. But to obtain this currency one has to participate in DatChat Social Network+. It is used to upgrade properties and experience in Habytat.

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