Trade crypto at lowest fee with PlatinX Exchange

Trade crypto at lowest fee with PlatinX Exchange

Let us take a look at an emerging crypto trading platform – PlatinX Exchange. You can trade crypto at lowest fee in PlatinX Exchange

What is PlatinX Exchange?

The rise of crypto assets has led to a marked increase in crypto exchanges all over the world. They are necessary if you want to buy crypto assets. However, most of the crypto exchanges charge huge trading fee, withdrawal & deposit fee etc. which acts as a big barrier for beginners to enter crypto world.

PlatinX Exchange decided to lower this barrier and provide a secure, transparent trading platform through app and web too. Our aim is to provide a high liquidity trading platform and to work for higher adoption of crypto assets in the longer run. This can become possible by attracting more traders & investors towards crypto asset through a secure and economical platform.

PlatinX Exchange is a Peer-to-Peer decentralized exchange. Users can directly get in touch with other buyers or sellers and trade instantly through PlatinX Exchange. There is no intermediary or third party to overlook the transactions. Therefore, PlatinX Exchange has lowest trading fee. It is a highly secure exchange. The transactions are verified through a network of computers and the data once entered cannot be manipulated or changed. Furthermore, all the funds are not stored at a single point as it is the case in centralized exchanges. This helps in making the trading platform more secure.

How does PlatinX Exchange Works?

PlatinX Exchange is a P2P trading platform. The sign-up process is very simple. You need to fill in the details, give your ID, verification process and then you are ready to add Fiat currency from any of the top banks of India. PlatinX Exchange is officially registered in India and operates according to Indian trading rules & regulations. Therefore, all the users have to go through KYC & AML verifications to begin trading on PlatinX Exchange.

PlatinX Exchange provides multiple payment gateways so that Indians can easily trade through INR. Once you have transferred fiat, you can easily buy crypto assets through the platform. Buyers and sellers can place ads about volume & price quote of the crypto they want to trade. Users can directly offer to buy from other sellers. Furthermore, PlatinX Exchange provides escrow account to keep your funds safe. The funds are locked in escrow and once the transactions are completed on both sides, funds are released. Thereby PlatinX Exchange ensures a transparent and fair-trading platform.

The best part of PlatinX Exchange is that you can trade crypto at lowest fees. You get many tools for arbitrage trading as well as other features futures contract trading and trade in more than 100 crypto assets at lowest trading fees.

How PlatinX Exchange Compares to other Exchanges

PlatinX Exchange has full license to operate in India and complies with all the diligence & regulations set for crypto trading in India. Therefore, it is better and safer platform to put your money in. Apart from providing trading in lowest fee, PlatinX Exchange offers many of the products & services such as top exchanges worldwide. With over 100 tradable digital assets, traders who prefer to speculate on smaller altcoins and newly issued tokens appreciate what PlatinX Exchange has to offer.

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