The Best Indian Crypto Trading Exchange

As the news surfaced Platinx Exchange a 100% Indian Exchange has launched its services. People are claiming it to be the best exchange platform existing for Indian and Global users. It is developed by Indian tech enthusiasts by using the most modern block chain technology and fastest matching engine.

Key features of Platinx Exchange –

1) Reliable – 

Platinx Exchange is a reliable platform for Crypto investors, as it has been run by a registered Indian entity. Platinx Exchange is not only registered but also it follows all the Tax and KYC norms established by the legislation.

2) Easy Deposit and Withdraw- 

Platinx Exchange provides the option of depositing and withdrawing in INR and in Crypto Assets both. It enable its users to transact amount in INR and buy Crypto directly without converting it. It not only helps them in cutting down the cost of exchanging the currency but also it reduce the latency rate and helps in doing real time trading. This makes Platinx Exchange the best Indian Crypto Trading Exchange.

3) Lowest trading Fee –

Platinx Exchange has the lowest trading fee in the market. It provides the lowest trading fee for both buyer and seller in the market i.e. only 0.12%.

4) Multi block chain connectivity – 

Platinx Exchange provides multi block chain connectivity with the worlds most effective platforms. It helps in fast and secure transaction activity over the exchange.

5) Arbitrage Opportunity- 

User can get Arbitrage opportunity in Platinx Exchange, where buyers can buy in the lowest price available and sellers can sell out with best profit margins possible at one place. This feature makes it one of the ultimate platforms for the Crypto investors world wide.

6) Multi exchange benefits – 

Platinx Exchange provides features of multiple Exchange platform in one single place. Users can compare and buy, they don’t need to exchange their currency while buying and selling or to switch platforms to add money in the wallet. They can do all this using only Platinx Exchange.

7) Most reliable Crypto Tokens listed – 

To keep in check the market risks and investors return rates, Platinx Exchange has listed the most reliable Crypto tokens in the market. So it can can be said that Platinx Exchange is the best Indian Crypto Trading Exchange.

8) Fastest Matching Engine –

 Platinx Exchange is been developed using fastest matching engine, which helps in keeping trading on real time basis with better return result and effective trading practices.

To learn more features of Crypto exchange please head over to Platinx Exchange an India’s Crypto exchange for Indian users.

Conclusion – Hence from the above statement it can be understood that Platinx Exchange is the best Indian Crypto Trading Exchange for Indian and global users. It is developed on the fastest matching engine and most modern technology by Indian tech Enthusiasts.

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