The Indian Crypto Community is growing fast: Read This

In a recent report by Statistica, India will have 156 million crypto users by the end of 2023. This massive increase in the Indian crypto community shows that the country is set to become a crypto hub. The profit is expected to increase to $ 3.3 billion this year and $ 6 billion by 2027.

Most of the users are the educated middle class who are the residents of the cities like Delhi and Bengaluru. These people are more inclined to buy and hold digital assets. With a growing crypto user base in India, many big crypto companies are having their eye on the Indian market. India is hosting the G20 summit this year and the government wanted to mainstays for global crypto regulation as one of their agenda.

A growing crypto community needs platforms and apps that let the user buy, sell and hold popular digital assets. Platinx Exchange is the leading crypto exchange platform that provides the technology that allows users to buy and sell popular cryptocurrency.

Let’s Glance at the Some Features of the Crypto Exchange

  1. Platinx Exchange is a 100% pure Indian Exchange that is made by Indian crypto developers, programmers, and crypto experts.
  2. Platinx Exchange provides you to trade in a large number of cryptocurrencies. This helps in diversifying your portfolio.
  3. It has a user-friendly interface which makes the dashboard less intimidating for a novice user.
  4. The platform lets the user trade in direct INR.
  5. 24*7 Customer Support Service is there to resolve the queries of the customers. 
  6. Best-in-class security with multiple layers of encryption protects users’ personal and financial data.

Indian crypto community is growing fast and Platinx Exchange is providing this community with fast, secure, and reliable services and helps them in their crypto journey.

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