PlatinX Exchange App – Get All Features of Pure Indian Crypto Exchange

PlatinX Exchange – Pure Indian Crypto Exchange

A 100% pure Crypto exchange app is the PlatinX Exchange app. It is developed by a registered Indian company. All the tax and KYC norms are followed by the exchange. These Tax and KYC norms are implied by the authorities. Also, the company follows land laws.

In this blog, we tell you the Get all features of the platinx exchange app so you don’t miss any information regarding app features. You should read the blog carefully.

This Indian Crypto exchange is developed by the fastest matching engine. A tech firm is the parent company. A team of Indian tech enthusiasts developed this Crypto Exchange. It is loaded with technical advancements and riched in a financial cushion.

For Crypto investors, this Indian tech giant offers a promising opportunity. It is one of the exchanges that provide a safe, secure, and pure Indian crypto Exchange app. 

Methodologies and Auditing approach applied to Pure Indian Crypto Exchange

Rigorous testing of the project starting with analyzing the code-designed patterns has been performed by the tech audit. The smart contract architecture is being reviewed in the code-designed pattern. It is done to ensure it is structured and safe to use by third-party libraries and smart contracts. A formal line of inspection is being performed by the PlatinX Exchange. This inspection is of the Smart contracts to find race conditions, transaction ordering dependence, timestamp dependence, and denial of service attacks. It coded or conducted custom unit tests written for each function in the contract. This contract verifies that each function works as expected. 

INR conversion of Crypto in Pure Indian Crypto Exchange

One Crypto value in Indian INR is Rs. 5.89 INR in pure Indian crypto exchange apps like PlatinX Exchange. It would cost you Rs. 29.43 INR. The trading of 0.17 Crypto would allow by Rs 1.00 INR. Also, Rs.50.00 INR would convert to 8.49 Crypto, not including the platform or gas fees respectively. The exchange rate has increased by 3.69% in the last seven days. The rate has been changed by 0.21% in the last 24 hours consequently. Hence, the highest exchange rate of 1 Crypto to the Indian rupee is 0.0718 INR. Here, the lowest 24-hour Crypto value compared to INR is 1 Crypto equals 0.0692 INR.

Indian Government Rules and Regulations for Pure Indian Crypto Exchange

PlatinX Exchange has security audited from government-registered firms. According to the government budget in 2022, a 30% tax has been imposed on income from Crypto transactions. On income above a certain threshold, it introduced a 1% tax deducted on Source. Gifts of digital assets and Crypto are also taxed respectively. These rules laid a high increment in trading with PlatinX Exchange app around the world in 10 days. Also, it increased its trading traffic by 90% over the next three months. Most of the traders had shut their other common exchange app trading and moved to the app after these rules were implied by the government of India. Users moved themselves to PlatinX Exchange as it is a more Safest Indian crypto exchange app respectively.

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