PlatinX Exchange: A Security Audited Brand from Government Registered Firm

Introduction to Security Audit of PlatinX Exchange

Platinx Exchange features and expansion of the brand are increasing day by day. It has obtained recently a certificate from a government registered firm as security audited it. The security audit focus on areas such as security and the audit’s role, security operations, security governance, and some specific technological topics. This audit helps the ability to perform security audits and prepare for them. Audit professionals with the skills and knowledge are provided by a security audit certificate. Due to this reason, the platinx exchange has become a pure Indian crypto exchange accessed all over the globe. This Certificate needs to excel in policies and tools, helping to ensure the organization has the infrastructure needed to prevent cyber threats and audit cyber security threats. The certificate also avails IT, and risk professionals. These professionals are with an understanding of cyber-related risk and mitigation controls. 

The Reasons Why the Certificate is Obtained by PlatinX Exchange from a Security audit firm

There are tremendous specialties of PlatinX Exchange. But, this certificate of security audited from a government firm is a unique one. This security audit has been done on the basis of its feasibility, smooth accessibility on the user end, high liquidity, high volatility, high volume, and more specifically low fees. PlatinX Exchange charges a low fee of about 0.15 paisa per trade. The fee scenario of this exchange makes it very unique from any other exchange company. Most common Indian Safest crypto exchanges charge high amount of fees to their users. But, this exchange charges a very low amount of charge. The exchange is very versatile in nature because it provides a blockchain technology-based exchange. Nowadays, cyber fraud is increasing day by day all over the world. Hence, this exchange as it is based on blockchain technology it is regularised its system on a hash. This hash is a code generated on different stages which are unchangeable of any kind. Due to Crypto getting centralized to some extent, this Certificate is providing a positive impact on the Crypto world regarding PlatinX Exchange. 

Market Response on the Certificate Obtained by the PlatinX Exchange

There has been a tremendous increase in PlatinX Exchange volatility among users since this certificate has been provided to the exchange. Here, users from the domestic market is being increasing day by day after this achievement of exchange. Users from the international market have also been boosted in exchange after security audits from a government firm consequently. The basic competitors of the exchange have been on the lower pose in the market after this certificate is obtained. The exchange is growing rapidly after it obtained this certificate. International markets such as UK and USA have tremendous traffic on the PlatinX Exchange after this Certificate is obtained. Also, now other parts of the globe are approaching the exchange after this certificate is obtained.

Significance aspects after the Certificate are obtained of security audit of PlatinX Exchange

PlatinX Exchange is one of the growing exchanges in the Crypto world. It has gained a security audit certificate from a government-registered firm. Here, this certificate has given positive vibes to the exchange after the audit. The rate of this exchange bitcoin has increased due to the achievement of honor from the firm respectively. Now cyber threats are not much affecting the exchange value in the Crypto market. This is due to the certificate obtained by the exchange from the firm of government registered in its security audit.

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