On Sidelines of G7 Meeting FM Meets IMF MD Georgieva

A meeting was conducted between Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and International Monetary Fund managing director K Georgieva. This meeting was conducted on the sidelines of the G7 finance minister central bank governors meeting. A two-day visit to Japan has been done by her. In Niigata, the G7 meeting is taking place. On the sidelines of the G7FMCBG meet Sitharaman also met Brazillian counterpart Haddad Fernando. The Finance Minster said in a tweet, “Fernando appreciated India’s organizations of the G20  presidency and its piloting of significant global economic issues.”

Issues related to infrastructure, debt vulnerabilities, strengthening multilateral development banks, and digital public infrastructure have been discussed by these two ministers. Support for Brazil’s upcoming G20 presidency in 2024 has been extended by Sitharaman. The G20 presidency from December 1, 2023, to November 30, 2024, will be held by the South American nation. A meeting between Sitharaman and Lawerence Wong Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance has been held.

A view on strengthening India-Singapore cooperation has been exchanged by both ministers. The issues discussed in this meeting are food security, green transition, digital payment gateway, pandemic preparedness, skill development, Crypto assets, and MDB reforms. In the context of setting up new AI centers during the meeting, she highlighted skilling programs and the emerging role of Artificial Intelligence. A collaboration between India and Singapore in AI research and quantum computing has been discussed by both ministers.

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