A Wayback of Decentralands Metaverse Fashion Week

Highlights of Decentralands Metaverse Fashion Week

A second metaverse fashion week has been announced officially by Decentralands. In fact, more than last year the largest fashion week in the metaverse and its guest are live upto the status. Guests like Tommy Hilfiger to Gucci, DKNY, Vogue, Adidas, and many more impressive guests have arrived than last year. The Metaverse Fashion Week will run from the 28th of march to the 31st of march respectively. Hence, let’s dive into Metaverse Fashion Week this month.

Luxury Fashion Brands of Decentralands Metaverse Fashion Week

Metaverse Fashion Week is the most awaited fashion week. This fashion week is of Web3 fashion event. The fashion week starts on 28th march on big style. The luxury district will be the most popular area. The event attendees will see some of the most physical fashion brands. Some of these physical fashion brands are Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana, and Dundas. Tommy Hilfiger will host AI-generated fashion items and daily drops. DKNY will host its own art gallery, rooftop lounge, and pizza venue. Dolce and Gabbana will focus on promoting new talents in the industry. Dundas had currently ready to launch new Wearables in partnership with DressX. In addition to this Miami fashion week will also participate in digital fashion week for the first time. These brands will offer runway shows, exclusive events, new NFT drops, and other surprises. 

Genesis city’s involvement in Decentralands Metaverse Fashion week

       An exclusive show will be able to attend by you. This show is dedicated to the late Vivienne Westwood from the Digital Design Community. Adidas is a leading physical fashion brand in the web3 world. It will reveal its first NFT collection this fashion week. The party-oriented people should note that Diesel and HAPE will host an exclusive event with surprise NFT airdrops for attendees. Vegas city will also drop new collectibles with perry hills in terms of variables. More surprises can be checked out by the Clarks, Dragon City, the museum district, and more. 

Existence of Digital Fashion Designer in Metaverse Fashion week

The Decentralands Metaverse Fashion week will be incomplete without the Digital Fashion Designer. Here, web3 fashion brand DRESSX will debut with a flagship store in the metaverse. Also, Fashion Zoo will host its first annual award show for Chinese fashion. The annual award name is ‘the Fashion future award’. The web3 designer list includes Phygicode, The Fabricant, Altr, and House of Web3. Last but not least, Vogue Singapore will reveal the winners of its digital fashion competition during the event. 

Significance of Decentral and’s metaverse fashion week

Over to viewers, the decentraland’s metaverse fashion week is full of surprises and entertainment. Whether you’re a fashion victim, an NFT collector, or a Web3 newbie, this occasion is a must-see so prepare your hot wallets!

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